Welcome to World Wide Logistics Warehousing Corporation, Wwl Warehousing Corporation proudly introduces itself as a Private Warehousing company which provides a maximum safe space for any type or size of your Goods.

Our Vision

We strive to be a world class warehousing company in the Warehousing industry by providing international quality handling service and delivering value added services to our clients with love and care. We grow by providing encouraging and learning opportunities by communicating openly, and by demanding ourselves to stand out in the Industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best quality service, complete help in your distribution related activities and to make sure all our clients get a profitable business deal and continuous support.

Our Value

For us, Corporate Value is not just a small set of common ethics. Values are to be absorbed and surrounded in our company for our day to day execution but also help us to achieve our Goals.

WORL WIDE LOGISTICS’s warehouse management system (WMS) capable of handling inventory operations across multiple warehouses.

 WWL provides you with increased end-to-end visibility and value chain integration while meeting your operational, financial and customer service requirements. With real time data for informed decision-making and increased inventory accuracy, WWL also transforms into a powerful customer service tool in the hands of the modern day warehouse manager. The operational processes supported are:

Inbound/Outbound Operations

Order and Inventory Management

Bonded Goods Handling

Warehouse Invoicing

Configurable and Put away Strategies

Assembly, Kitting and Stock Transfers

Wave and Order Picking

Cross Docking, Packing and Shipping

Transport planning

Supplier and Customer Management

On Demand Replenishments

Work flows and Alerts


Integrated warehouse management system with billing.