Freight Management Solutions (FMS)

Air Freight:
With the help of extensive global partners and offices, WWL today offers AirFreight solutions for cargoes of all sizes and Weights.Through its timetested Carrier contracts with the major airlines of the world, WWL has created different products for varying needs of its global customers in Airfreight. So whether you have a shipment that needs to be reached in next to no time, across any destination of the world or you have shipments which can come over with some breathing time while the transportation costs matter most to the products that you want to transport, stay easy and simply call your nearest WORLDWIDEAN for the optimal solutions to your needs.

Ocean Freight solutions:
Full container loads: Thanks to global carrier contracts that WWL and its partners have with the most major steam ship lines, Space in the ship and competitive long term rates are always available across transpacific, and trans atlantic routes not to mention of the maritime routes along the Indian ocean and across the Black Sea ports. Most of the FCL contracts are signed based on steamship lines predermined routes with more or less stable Transit times.

Less than container load Solutions:
Whenever your shipments are not big enough to be stuffed in a Full container while you would still wish to meet the stringent transit times that your customers have imposed, your nearest Worldwide office should have multiple solutions on hand to offer you. WWL has today carefully selected certain credible global NVOCC corporations and have signed Service Level agreements with them for Space, Freight and Transit time Accountability. These bouqueat of services offer our customers multiple options to/from different ports of the of the world that your cargo needs to reach. Whatsmore, to some of the key ports, WWL has also initiated its own consolidation program wherein your cargo is safely delivered through WWL ‘s own consolidation

WWL today represents reputed Tank Container agencies from Singapore and Europe and as representatives of these agencies, WWL has been successfully transporting Hazardous and Liquified cargoes through special ISO TANK containers and Flexitanks across the ports in India for both exports and imports. To know more please write to us

While the conventional containers are always available for the importers and exporters, what is always in demand is the availability of special equipments(viz. OPEN TOP CONTAINERS/FLAT RAKE CONTAINERS ) that some of your Odd Dimensional cargoes need. Such of these cargoes need carefully detailing of the cargoes after it is ready for packing and then find the right type of equipment with the steamship lines(sometimes these equipments may even have to be moved from a nearby port) and then carefully comparing the pricing offered by the different steamship lines before offering them to the customer. At Worldwide, we have ocean specialists in major locations whose assignment it will be to spend time with our customer understand the requirements and even modify them wherever feasible inorder to reduce the costs of transportation for the customer and offer them customized credible solutions to depend on.

Complex global documentation practices have given way for easier trade in most of the free market economies. This along with technological advancements have nurtured and grown the cross trade across countries. Today Global enterprenuers sit in part of the Hemisphere identify their sourcing in a overseas country and then identifies their customers in a third country. These types of transactions have become more easier and common in today’s trade thanks to E-COMMERCE and easy payment gateways. However, country specific documentations cannot be done away with and it is here that WORLDWIDE makes CROSS TRADE simple and achievable for its customers globally. So the next time, you have your supplier in China and your customer in North America, just lift the phone to call the nearest worldwide office who offers you instant solutions just like a piece of cake.

Road Freight:
In our quest to deliver to our customers comprehensive freight solutions, we have realized that the First Mile and the last mile transportation is central to meeting the timelines at all times. Hence we invested in creating the processes for effective management of a Non Asset Based Road transportation solutions for our global customers. While doing so WWL found an opportunity become an active player in this segment as there were very few organized players. Today WWL with the help of strong process driven outsourced contracts, manages the India distribution needs of many of its customers by Road may it be Full Truck Loads or Less than Truck loads.
A worldwidean in the nearest office will be able to assist you with our service offerings on Road freight.You may also write to with your service needs in Road Transport.

At WWL , we reinforce the belief that our customers should derive complete benefits from our service offerings and WWL should be fully capable of handling most of the logistic requirements of our customers. It is this belief that led us to create a new product offering in RELOCATIONS within WWL . Today WWL offers to relocate even large Factories Lock Stock and Barrel from one location to another and in the process take turnkey responsibilities of dismantling, packing, transporting, unloading and unpacking and erecting at the new location with complete commitment to the laid down and pre accepted procedures. WWL would be happy to assist you whenever you have such a requirement.