Pick & Pack

At WWL, our pick and pack operations are strategically managed by a team of experienced logistics professionals. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we can efficiently process their direct-to-consumer orders with complete accuracy. Wwl’s pick and pack expertise ensures that your customers get the right product shipped to them in the timeframe they requested. This sounds simple, but the process happening behind the scenes is critical to an ecommerce or catalog retailer’s success.

Accurate pick and pack operations are a necessity for Wwl clients. The ability to streamline a brand’s outbound shipping methods introduces efficiency in inventory management and warehouse utilization. As a Wwl fulfillment client, you won’t have to worry about mismanagement of your inventory. We operate with the best practices in the industry to handle your products with care.

In addition to creating greater shipping efficiencies, our outsourced pick and pack services leverage cost advantages due to the scale of our operations. Our team consults with retailers to find the most efficient packaging and the most cost-effective methods to meet customer demand. Managing your packaging costs as well as analyzing shipment patterns is part of our consultative approach to managing the pick, pack and ship aspect of your online or catalog business. We become your logistics partner, with a focus on finding solutions that are right for you.

Wwl’s pick and pack services are scalable to meet the needs of large and small clients alike. Retailers often experience challenges in managing warehouse operations, particularly during peak seasons. We can take care of all your shipping logistics and manage every step of your inventory control, while managing labor fluctuations with ease.